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As a freelance writer I have provided persuasive communications solutions to many of the best known companies and non-profits in the U.S.

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Clients Value My Strengths.

"Eleanor Foa Dienstag is fabulous! On very short notice and giving her very little time to complete an important address to a University at the end of this past year, she interviewed me, listened, advised, wrote and rewrote what ended up being not only what many considered an excellent speech (including myself of course), but a speech that reflected my personality, words and character. It is one thing to simply put words together; it is another to get the essence of the individual giving the speech. She 'gets it' and does it in a very professional manner. Believe me, I know having had the luxury of speech writers thoughout my tenure as president of an international company. I will be using Ms. Dienstag in the future. There is no better recommendation than that." Wolf Hengst, President, Amala Holdings and Consultants (Former President, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)

"Eleanor, the work you have done for us on two major financial service brochures for upscale individuals has been very imaginative and excellent stylistically. You've proven to be a superb interviewer during the fact finding stages. I can't recommend you too highly."
Peter P. Post, Executive Vice President
Muir, Cornelius Moore

"We rarely use freelancers, but when we need a first-rate reporter to interview and profile a top executive, I turn to Eleanor."
Nancy Freireich, Director, Publications and Web Communications
Columbia Business School

"I would not hesitate to recommend Eleanor as a seasoned speechwriting pro who can capture the message and tone suited to her client."
Karin Timpone, (former) Corporate Communications/PR Director

"Eleanor, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed working with you on our Annual Report project. You took a very complex writing assignment in an often tense process and produced a miracle. Your performance across the board was 100 percent. You are a joy to work with."
Byron Callas, (former) Vice President, Creative Services
MasterCard International

"Great job! Thanks for capturing the soul of the program."
Laura Robbins, (former) Senior Program Officer
The Hartford Foundation
(now) Program Executive Head
U.S. Aging Program
Atlantic Philanthropies (USA), Inc.

"Eleanor's history of Heinz offers a rare glimpse of the early years of one of America's leading firms. Through intense archival searches, insightful observations and intimate interviews, she drew a colorful and accurate picture of Heinz, its leaders, our brands and the worldwide consumers we serve. Eleanor pulled together scraps, bits and splinters of Heinz's past and made our employees and shareholders proud of Heinz's important contributions to a range of business and humanitarian causes ranging from the 1906 Pure Food Act to support of agri-business in sub-Saharan Africa. Her engaging writing style and personal charm were of equal importance to the book's success and acclaim."
Deborah S. Foster, Vice President - Corporate Communications
H.J. Heinz Company

My freelance work has received multiple awards and honors.

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